What To See In Washington, D.C. On Your Family Trip


Come visit Washington, D.C. for the trip of a lifetime.


Perhaps you're looking forward to your first visit here to see the museums, monuments, the White House and the Capital. Wonder what else to see in Washington, D.C.? Review the museums shown on the left, and make your reservations for Washington, D.C.


Or perhaps you’re looking to return to Washington, D.C. to see the sights again - but this time you’re bring your kids. Perhaps you want to show them the sights you saw years ago and also wonder what to see in Washington, D.C. together now.


What To See in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. has a compact museum district that is easily walkable, a low city skyline with wide streets, and a mix of museums and national monuments. To maximize your visit we don’t generally recommend taking the White House and Capital tours. (But we do recommend the White House visitors’ center and the Capital visitors’ center.) Not because they aren’t interesting. It’s just that in our opinion the hassles, delays and security intrusions aren’t worth it for us. With limited time and so many places to see in Washington, D.C. some places have to be left out.



Here at WhatToSeeInWashingtonDC.com we want to focus on out of the ordinary places and look at them from a different perspective. If you want mainstream, then Fodors or Lonely Planet guidebooks might be all you need. And they can supplement the information you find here. But we focus on family travel, visiting out of the ordinary places and viewed from a different perspective.


Why Travel?

Memories from family trips stick. Often it’s the mishaps and misadventures that everyone remembers fondly later. “Remember when we were at the Air and Space Museum and ….” is something you’ll hear long after the trip is over. That’s worth more than the souvenirs, sunburns or frostbite that are long forgotten. So while we are committed to providing you usefully information for your family’s travels we encourage you to stay low key and recognize your trip won’t go off quite like you planned it. But those diversions will be longer remembered than the perfect travel agenda that you planned.


You’ve traveled here to show your children their heritage, explain the present country we live in and cast a vision for the future. This is your opportunity as their parent and as a family to discover together.


They need to discover it with you, hear it from you and hold the memory of being there together. The question is … will you be ready?


Now here at What To See In Washington DC we are unapologetic fans of homeschooling. Yet regardless of your choice of formal schooling for your children, all children learn from their parents. Visiting museums and monuments we learn together.



So here you’ll find opinions and advice on what to see and do in Washington DC that will engage your interests, strengthen your family and honor God.


We're glad you found us! Allow us to be the first to welcome your family to Washington, D.C. Visit the Smithsonian, the Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, The Jefferson Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and perhaps the White House.


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